The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards. Because success matters.

In today’s competitive business arena, it is now more imperative than ever before to harness all resources and leverages on strengths and competencies. Have you branded your company across the value chain? Do your customers and clients, industries peers, government liaisons, stakeholders and even your employees understand your brand value?



Stringent standards. That define the most deserved awardees

Because only the best matter.

Because you want to know how you can stand out among your peers and competitors.

Because you are great and are ready to become greater.

The sme & entrepreneurship business awards follows through a comprehensive benchmark of qualitative and quantitative Judging procedure administered by judges who form an elite panel that showcases top public-private business intelligence.



Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza

Celebrity Entrepreneur of The Year

Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes CBE

Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement

Vishen Lakhiani

Most Strategic Entrepreneur

Patrick Grove

Entrepreneur of The Year


Celebrity Entrepreneur of The Year

Dato' Shaheen Shah

Passion In Entrepreneurship

Dato' Sri Maziah Haji Musa

Women Entrepreneur Excellence

Ahmad Nazreem

Most Innovative Young Entrepreneur

Raj Ridvan Singh

Social Entrepreneur of The Year

Sanjay Bavisi

Outstanding Global Influencer

Dato' Dr Lawrence Walter Ng

Most Inspiring ROI-Linked Trainer

Dato' Sri Mahadi Badrul Zaman

Innovative Financial Concepts


  • Mr. Michael Yap Asia Poly Industrial Sdn Bhd
    Executive Director
    " Recognition to all the hard work of my employees. With this award, we will be more confident to make the 2017 a better year. "
  • Rizal Shah Amat 360 Studio Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd
    Chief Executive Officer
    " If you ever participate in the award, I think this SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award is great. The award winner are really quality and I think it will be a deep big opportunity to every SME to join."
  • Mr. Koh Kia Peng Creativo United Sdn Bhd
    Managing Director
    "Feel happy and surprise that getting as one of the top 10 winner. Receiving this award has been a great honour and will prove meaningful for a company to move forward. "
  • Mr. Jonathan ERS Energy Sdn Bhd
    Managing Director
    " Fantastic recognition that giving to us. Really enhances the value for a company and the branding so I think this award can take us to the new heights and moving forward. "
  • Dato’ Hajah Fazwinna Binti Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Rizalman Ibrahim Couture Sdn Bhd
    Managing Director
    " It is a great honour and happy to receive this award. Stay focus and stay true to yourself"
  • Mr. Yeoh Chen Kuan AXG Industries Sdn Bhd
    Chief Executive Officer
    " Great honour to receive this great award. Thanks for all the SME’s to give me this opportunity to have this award and in the coming year to get more and more recognition "
  • Dato’ Yashran Rezal YM Consultants Sdn Bhd
    Chief Executive Officer
    " For those SME that haven’t participate in this SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award, I greatly recommended. "


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