Award Framework.

Leverage on the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards
Position your brand for a future of enhanced prominence

Being a leader is not easy. The business world is rife with the competition growing faster and getting more adept, more innovative. In short, other than improving internally, companies today now need to enhance their outer branding.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards is your partner for growth, opportunities and sustenance. Earn industry recognition and respect from industry peers and clients for your achievements, with a trophy in hand presented by a Minister or equivalent level, as testament to the award’s strong credibility.

Motivate your team. Let them share in the company’s glory and celebrate the momentous award at the gala recognition ceremony. Moments like these are precious and can inspire your team members to magnify their pride, confidence and motivation in working with award-winning companies. Preparing for the award is a great time for team bonding and strategic discussion for long term growth and expansion.

Ready to do corporate social responsibility exercises? Target communities are more receptive to brand presence and more willing to work with a recognised brand name for greater good of all.