Q: What is the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award (SEBA)?

A: The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards is set up to recognise the best SME companies and individual Entrepreneurs in Malaysia across a wide range of industries every year. It is our aim to:

Accord recognition to Malaysian entrepreneurs, SMEs, Conglomerates whose dedication to their professional or life undertakings has resulted in exceptional achievements, in the form of significant contributions to the progress and/or welfare of the community at large and to the advancement of their respective field of endeavour.

Create publicity and provide the appropriate recognition to this outstanding personalities and organisations for their achievements of the honourees, thereby serving as inspiration and incentive to Malaysian to forge ahead towards greater heights of achievements in the spirit of selfless dedication for the development of the entrepreneurship community.

Provide recognition and a platform that is able to Connect | Communicate | Share with the Malaysian entrepreneurs community at large.

Q: How long has SEBA been around?

A: SEBA has been around since 2016, and it’s on its 4th edition this year.

Q: What are the benefits of submitting nominations?

A: If selected by the Board of Advisors, by participating in SEBA, you will set your company and yourself as the key industry player of the year. Furthermore, it is a valuable way to honour your hard work and success for your company and you.

SEBA awardees automatically become a member of SEBA Business Club (SBC), and will enjoy all post event media coverage, features access to Murfest, SBC networking events and more.

Q: Who can be nominated / submit entries for SEBA?

A: All local group, organizations and individuals are eligible to submit entries to compete for the award title.

Q: Does a company have to be publicly held to be able to submit entries?

A: No, any eligible organization and/or individual can submit entries.

Q: May government agencies and non-profit organizations submit entries?

A: Yes, they can submit entries.

Q: When is the entry deadline?

A: There are 3 entry deadlines:
Early-bird entries submission ends 30 April 2019
Final entries submission ends 28 June 2019
Physical entries submission ends 5 July 2019

Q: Are there entry fees and additional payment?

A:  Yes. A RM 300 early bird entry submission fee is applicable for each entry up till 30 April 2019. After which, a RM 500 standard entry submission fee is applicable per entry.

Q: Are entry forms kept confidential?

A: Absolutely. The organizers ensure that only authorized board of advisors and judging committee have access to the information and documents for review and judging purposes, and no information is released to any 3rd parties without prior approval.

Q. What is the difference between an “entrepreneur” category and a “company” category?

A. An entrepreneur represents the individual’s accomplishment as in the industry he/she has served. “Company” on the other hand, is to honour the company’s achievement in their industry.

Q: Who are the Board of Advisors?

A: Please find our Board of Advisors here.

Q: When will the awards ceremony take place?

A: This year 2019 awards ceremony and gala dinner will take place in a prestige hotel on 20 September 2019. The venue will be disclosed nearer to the date.

Q: What will it cost to attend the awards gala?

A: Gala Privileges Packages range from Bronze to Gold VIP, and will only be shared with you after your successful placement of the award title you competed for. Individual seats are also available at a later date.

Q: What industry can participate?

A:  All industries are welcome to participate. You may for the industries categories.
URL link to a new page with list of industries.

Q: Where can I find a list of past awardees?

A: SEBA alumni are listed here.